Xiuwen Zheng (郑修文)

Ph.D. Student at UC San Diego (Oct. 2020 – present)
Email: xiz675 [AT] eng.ucsd.edu


I am currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, supervised by Dr. Amarnath Gupta and Prof. Arun Kumar. Before that, I obtained my B.S. degree in Communication Engineering from UESTC. My research interest lies includes data-driven DBMS, polystore database, machine learning systems, and AI for DB. My lateset resume can be found here.

Preprints & Publications

  1. News Meets Microblog: A Retriever-Generator Hashtag Annotation Framework. Xiuwen Zheng, Dheeraj Mekala, Amarnath Gupta, and Jingbo Shang. (under review)
  2. An Algebraic Approach for High-level Text Analytics. Xiuwen Zheng, and Amarnath Gupta. SSDBM 2020.
  3. Social Network of Extreme Tweeters: A Case Study. Xiuwen Zheng, and Amarnath Gupta. ASONAM 2019.
  4. Scalable Community Detection over Geo-Social Network. Xiuwen Zheng, Qiyu Liu, and Amarnath Gupta. LENS@SIGSPATIAL 2019 (Best Presentation Award)
  5. Social-Aware Optimal Electric Vehicle Charger Deployment on Road Network. Qiyu Liu, Yuxiang Zeng, Lei Chen, and Xiuwen Zheng. SIGSPATIAL 2019.

Current Project

  • AWSOME Polystore System
    • Build a tightly-coupled polystore system that effciently processes analytical queries over heterogeneous data stores like Neo4j (graph), Postgres (relation) and Solr (documents).


  • NSF Travel Grants for SIGSPATIAL 2019
  • 1st Class Scholarship for Academic Excellence (5%), UESTC
  • Meritorious Winner (top 10%) at 18th annual Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM)
  • National Scholarship (for 0.2% undergraduate students)


  • Programming: Java, Python, SQL, Cypher, Matlab, R, C
  • Big Data Tools: Spark, Hive, D3, Neo4j
  • Parser Generator: JavaCC, ANTLR
  • Others: Maven, Git, LaTex